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The Carlow Yard  is your ideal choice if you are looking for timber  garden sheds in Carlow or surrounding areas. We are agents for the garden sheds and children’s playhouses designed and built by Trihy Sawmills in Cork – one of the best manufacturers of wooden garden sheds in Ireland.

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Trihy’s have been delivering top-class garden sheds to people in Carlow and all over the South East of Ireland since 1975, using top class materials and offering a wide range of sizes and other options.

Note : As the suppliers of this range of wooden sheds are based in East Cork, we are providing a delivery and installation service throughout the South East region only, primarily throughout the counties of Cork, Waterford, Wexford. Carlow and Kilkenny as well as parts of Tipperary, Laois, Kildare and Wicklow.

You can see a selection of their garden sheds in Carlow by simply calling to our outdoor display area in the Wexford Road Business Park.

Our expert staff there will give you all the information you need to select the right garden shed for you, based on factors such as size and budget.

Features of our Garden Sheds Carlow

All of the timber garden sheds we offer in Carlow are built from pressure-treated timber. They come with a solid wood floor, and a high quality OSB roof. The inside of each garden shed is lined with a breathable felt membrane.

Our wooden garden sheds  are available in a choice of three wall finishes:

  • Rustic  – A light and unplaned finish, with overlapping timbers
  • Shiplap – A superior, heavier, planed finish, with interlocking tongue & groove timbers
  • Barrellboard – Similar to shiplap, but each timber is curved to give a log effect appearance

We also have a choice of three roofing options:

  • Mineral Felt – Felt sheet is nailed or stapled to the roof. While this is the cheapest option, we generally advise against it, as over time, the nails will rust, and the felt will crack and blow off.
  • Torch-on Felt – This is a much superior option as it is bonded onto the roof. It is applied using a blow torch.
  • Steel Roof – A non-drip steel roof is the deluxe option and will add many years to the lifespan of any wooden shed.

Other options include:

  • Fixed or opening windows
  • Split or double doors
  • PVC windows and doors
  • Shelving

Just tell us what you want as you’re looking for timber garden sheds Carlow, and we’ll deliver it to you.

Garden Sheds Carlow – Sizes and Prices

Our wooden garden sheds come in a huge range of sizes. For example, select a small 6’ x 4’ shed for a compact storage unit for garden tools and other items. Or go all the way up to 20’ x 10’ or even larger for an attractive outdoor space that can even be used as a workshop, ‘man cave’, games room, teenager’s den, or similar.

Prices range from €600 upwards, and all prices quoted include delivery and assembly on your site. All you need do is provide a level area with concrete blocks or similar materials, and we look after the rest.

Over 90% Of the Sheds we now supply are fitted with a non – drip Steel Roof

Traditionally, all our Timber sheds were fitted with a felt roof, but now most people opt for a non drip steel roof and this is the single biggest contributor to ensuring a shed’s long life.


Many people who chose a felt roof on their timber shed , found that the roof was the weakest point of the shed and after some years it failed and the felt had to be replaced. We fit a very good quality torched – on felt to the roof but at the end of the day it is still a felt roof, and cannot compete with a PVC coated steel roof. Most people who have had timber sheds for many years and understand the limitations of a felt roof, really appreciate the option of fitting a steel roof on their new timber shed and indeed consider it money well spent.

The Steel roof overhangs the shed’s sidewalls by 4″, so also protects the side of the shed very well.

Non Drip Steel Roof
Non Drip Steel Roof

Wooden Garden Sheds Maintenance

Once your wooden garden shed is delivered and erected, it can be best maintained by:

  • Annually applying a cost of an oil-based preservative
  • Not allowing shrubs or grass to grow up in contact with the shed. Keeping such growth away will allow the wood to dry off properly and ‘breathe’ after rainfall.

Children’s Playhouses Carlow

We are also pleased to offer you two options if you are looking for children’s playhouses in Carlow. They are a standard model complete with veranda, and a deluxe two-storey playhouse, that your little ones will really feel at home in! Read More…..

Garden Sheds Carlow – Other Options

If you are looking for something more durable and weatherproof than a wooden garden shed, then consider our range of steel garden sheds by Steeltech.

They are guaranteed for 20 years, and require little or no maintenance.

Call to see us for Garden Sheds Carlow

For the widest choice available of garden sheds Carlow, covering both wooden and steel garden sheds options, just call to see us at the Wexford Road Business Park on the outskirts of Carlow town. You can also telephone us at (059) 9164564.

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