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Enjoying The Outdoors Throughout The Year With Indoor-Style Comfort

If you choose one of our aluminium verandas, you get class and quality. Aluminium is durable, colour-fast and low maintenance. We work with high quality aluminium for every situation. Unlike wood, aluminum requires no maintenance, is durable and has a modern and sleek design.

Below , you will see the different types and sizes of Verandas we offer and their prices. This € price , includes VAT and is ex-works. You may wish to install the Veranda yourself or we can arrange installation with our recommended installer.

The Nebbiolo

The Nebbiolo veranda has a heavier construction than customary within this price range, which makes the Nebbiolo excel in quality and price. The intermediate beams are fitted with aluminium top frames instead of rubbers, making the veranda sturdy and robust. Still you wouldn’t be able to tell from the look of the Nebbiolo; the design of the Nebbiolo is slim, elegant and timeless.


Post Size

The post size on this model of Veranda is 65mm x 65mm

Size Meters ( Length x width )Price, € Incl VAT (ex works)

4 x 2.52070
4 x 32350
4 x 3.52490
5 x 2.52400
5 x 32590
5 x 3.52800
6 x 2.52720
6 x 32970
6 x 3.53290

This veranda comes in a width of 4, 5 or 6 meters and has a depth of 2.5, 3 of 3.5 meters. The Nebbiolo is available in the colours cream white (RAL9001) and grey texturized (RAL7024) and has a polycarbonate roofing; a high-quality and sustainable material with a timeless look. This veranda is available in the colours clear, ultra clear, opaque and solar control; a heat-resistant variant.

Optionally, the Nebbiolo can be expanded with various accessories, such as a glass sliding wall, LED lighting or side panel.

The Bosco

The Bosco veranda has a perfect finish and offers a wide variety of choices in design, such as a round or classic decorative gutter and a half-round or square posts. Because of this, the Bosco can be customized entirely based on your style, taste and preferences and make sure that you have a perfect match with your home and garden.

Post Size

The post size on this model of Veranda is 110mm x 110mm

Size Meters ( Length x width )Price, € Incl VAT (ex works)

4 x 2.52750
4 x 32920
4 x 3.53130
4 x 43540
4 x 64500
5 x 2.53130
5 x 33410
5 x 3.53630
5 x 44080
5 x 65260
6 x 2.53540
6 x 33800
6 x 3.54120
6 x 44650
6 x 66050
7 x 2.54230
7 x 34500
7 x 3.54680
7 x 45140
8 x 46300
8 x 68650
10 x 610150
12 x 48560
10 x 3.56880
12 x 611750
30 x 628740

Bosco Veranda with 3 sides Sliding Glass panels

This Bosco Veranda with 3 sides glass panels , attached to your house is € 11,800 to € 13,000 incl VAT , + Installation. (depending on height ) A typical installation cost on this type of Veranda on your pre-prepared level surface would be € 2,000 – € 2,400 + VAT @ 13.5%. If a lead flashing apron is fitted where the veranda roof abuts to the house wall , to prevent any rain water ingress , over time, at that point , add € 500 + VAT

4m x4m Bosco with 3 sides Sliding Glass Panels

The Bosco comes standard in a width of 4, 5, 6 and 7 meters and a depth of 2.5, 3, 3.5, and 4 meters. It is, of course, possible to have all dimensions customized. Because of our modular system, the possibilities with the Bosco are endless and suitable for every situation and every style. It’s available in the colours RAL9005, RAL9016, RAL7024 and RAL9001. For the polycarbonate roofing, you can choose from clear, ultra clear, opaque and solar control.

Optionally, this veranda can be fitted with various accessories, such as a side gable, sidewall, glass sliding doors or LED lighting. Check our accessories for more information.

The Giallo

The Giallo veranda is known for its sleek design, robust look and steel reinforced gutter profile. This extra reinforcement makes it possible to build the Giallo on just two posts with a span of no less than 6 meters! This maximum span on two posts is what makes the Giallo unique. Result: Maximum enjoyment, with a free and open view.

Post Size

The post size on this model of Veranda is 115 mm x 150 mm

Size Meters ( Length x width )Price, € Incl VAT (ex works)

4 x 2.53260
4 x 33520
4 x 3.53790
4 x 44280
4 x 65170
5 x 2.53750
5 x 34140
5 x 3.54390
5 x 44950
5 x 66050
6 x 2.54270
6 x 34610
6 x 3.55020
6 x 45690
6 x 66990
7 x 2.54820
7 x 35040
7 x 3.55590
7 x 46670
7 x 67970
12 x 612260

The Giallo is available in four colours: RAL9016 / RAL7024 / RAL9001 / RAL9005. The roofing is made of polycarbonate, in which you can choose for opaque or clear sheets. For an additional fee, you can also opt for ultra clear or solar control polycarbonate sheets..

Optionally, this canopy can be fitted with various accessories, such as a side gable, sidewall, glass sliding door or LED lighting. Check our accessories for more information.


 A veranda allows you to take the indoors outdoor, resulting in a great place directly at your living room or kitchen. But did you know that you can also choose any other place in your backyard? At the end of your garden, because that’s where you’d rather sit in the sun. Or at the pond or the pool for optimal enjoyment. Countless of situations are possible with a detached veranda. It provides an even more pleasant outdoor life wherever you want. We are proud to present our Ribolla.

Post Size

The post size on this model of Veranda is 110mm x 110mm

Size Meters ( Length x width )Price, € Incl VAT (ex works)

4 x 2.56220
4 x 36690
4 x 3.57120
4 x 47910
5 x 2.57090
5 x 37630
5 x 3.58070
5 x 48910
6 x 2.57750
6 x 38290
6 x 3.58820
6 x 49740

The detached veranda Ribolla is an entirely independent construction. Because of that you are not bound by placement against a wall, meaning that you can enjoyed a covered terrace at any place in your backyard. The highest point of the Ribolla is at the front, meaning that the drain and the gutter are at the back of the system, due to which it maintains its appearance. The Ribolla has a flexible configuration, but comes standard with a closed rear wall, one closed side wall or a side wall with an ultra-clear polycarbonate window and one side a railing. Other combinations, and variants are possible 


Enjoy extra living pleasure in the garden through ultimate flexibility. Who would not want that? The Verdeca roof canvas is made of a sun-resistant and water-resistant fabric. Are you sitting under the veranda and want to enjoy the sun? Then, with one push on the button, raise the canvas (partially) so you can immediately enjoy maximum light and the beautiful weather. If you prefer to sit in the shade or seek protection against wind, rain or UV radiation, you can close the screen with the same ease.

Size Meters ( Length x width )Price, € Incl VAT (ex works)

4 x 37368
4 x 3.57688
4 x 48020
5 x 39570
5 x 3.510013
5 x 410382
6 x 310701
6 x 3.511181
6 x 411550

By adding glass sliding walls you can choose to extend your Verdeca folding roof to a complete garden room. With the flexible Verdeca patio roof, you can therefore enjoy optimum comfort at your terrace.

The Verdeca patio roof has a white water-repellent canvas and an anthracite colored frame from aluminium. In addition, the special geometric design ensures that the interior construction offers maximum strength and wind resistance to the aluminum profile.

The veranda looks sleek and offers perfect visibility because the stainless steel connection elements and screws are concealed invisibly. In addition, the rain gutter is equipped with an anti-draft system, which prevents the wind from entering between the canvas, the rails and the rain gutter.

Pinela Deluxe

Aluminum Louvred Roof.

A unique experience is guaranteed with the stylish Pinela Deluxe from Apex Veranda. The panels of this veranda can easily be moved to one side with the push of a button. This gives you a completely open space above your terrace in no time. Allowing you to experience the ultimate outdoor feeling regardless of the weather. This Aluminum Louvred veranda can be attached to a building or may be freestanding.

In an open position, the Pinela Deluxe offers maximum light. When closed, the roof is perfectly resistant to various weather conditions and offers you shade on sunny days.

With the Pinela Deluxe you create an outdoor space with a modern design that offers protection against sun, wind, rain and other elements. This ensures you of an exceptional quality of outdoor living. The design of the panels is made with the latest in technology.

The synchronous moving panels offer you an open space of 79% of the total roof when you slide the panels open. In addition, the panels simultaneously press on the gasket of the integrated beams during closing and thus ensuring optimum protection.

A remote controlled , fullt retractable aluminum roof with built in LED lights. Prices include Electric folding roof with built in LED lights.

Size Meters ( Length x width )Price, € Incl VAT (ex works)

3 x 312375
3 x 414990
3 x 516810
3 x 619625
3.5 x 3.515625
3.5 x 415625
3.5 x 518000
3.5 x 622690
4 x 417075
4 x 520875
4 x 624000
Prices are for units attached to a building. An additional charge will apply if the unit is built freestanding.

Fiano Doors

With the Fiano you can turn your veranda easily into a luxury garden room allowing you to enjoy your garden and terrace all year long. It allows you to create a new place in your home where the indoor and outdoors are merged. The glass panels are available in various height- and width dimensions, can run in three to six rail tracks and have no side frames. Due to this, they offer a free view of your backyard. In addition, a Fiano glass sliding door system also protects against rain and cold. This allows you to enjoy the ultimate outdoor feeling, even in bad weather. On top of this they also offer some sound reduction.

Our glass sliding doors are also perfect for balcony glazing. A glass sliding door on your balcony allows you to enjoy your outdoor area longer, while still being free to decide whether you leave the doors open or closed.

Total Fiano System – Includes Glass Panels and complete Tracking System (Please add € 360 for wedges above doors if fitting on the sloped side )

Opening WidthHeight 2.1mHeight 2.2mHeight 2.3mHeight 2.4mHeight 2.5m
Hot Tip


To fit these Sliding Glass Panels on the front or sides of a Veranda, the rail on which these panels slide must be placed on an absolutly level surface.

If an existing surface or patio is almost level, perhaps the surface can be cut out to accomodate the rail. Otherwise ,a total new level surface will be required.

In addition to standard glass panels, we also have glass panel with a polished 50mm handle-hole in our product range. It comes with a matching double sided screw-in handle. This results in a glass door with a perfectly finished and luxury handle. The glass sliding doors can be fitted with additional accessories, such as adhesive handles, weather brushes and more.

Our Verandas

With a range of verandas , suitable for attaching (lean-to type) to buildings as well as free standing units, we have units that can be fitted almost anywhere. All our verandas have built-in gutters and downpipes within the uprights.

If you are interested in considering a Veranda for your home or business , take a rough measure of your proposed site and we will be able to advise you on a suitable unit and its apprioximate price. If this is of interest to you, you may send us some photos of the area you plan on fitting the veranda and we will be happy to explore it further with you.

Planning permission is generally not required for a veranda installation

Our order process is simple: Once we confirm the size and specification with you , we will complete an order form with you with all the necessary details. A deposit may then be paid and the remaining amount is to be paid once your unit arrives onsite

Fitting: Once you decide on the size and type of veranda you require, we will be happy to advise on installation costs. If you send us an email to with your eircode, some photos of your site and where it will attach to your building etc, we will be able to give you a guide on Installation costs. If you are then happy with this , we may do a further detailed on-site survey, if required.

Our recommended fitting team will arrive onsite on an agreed date and depending on the size of the unit will be finished before the day is out.

Hot Tip

Use the form below “Need a Quotation ” to:

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Mark on some of your photos where you intend to fit the Veranda.

Do you intend having sides on the Veranda ?

Any other relevant information ?

Need a Quotation ?

Please complete the form below and send us a few photos of your site. Tell us the type of Veranda you’d like , whether it is to be open sided , clossed off or have sliding Glass panels and we’ll revert to you with a price and some information about installation. Let’s start the conversation to help you decide what Veranda will suit you best.

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