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Dog Kennels Carlow

If you have a dog, you’ll want it to have a comfortable and long-lasting place to call home. Kennels come in all shapes, sizes, and build quality, and there are many places offering dog kennels , but here at The Carlow Yard we have some of the best.

When you choose a dog kennel, you want to know that your four-legged friend will be safe and secure. In addition, you want to know that in winter, he or she will be warm and dry, and that in summer, protected from the sun (and in Ireland, often still the rain as well!).

We supply both wooden dog kennels and insulated steel dog kennels, suitable for all dogs from family pets up to greyhounds, hunting dogs, and more. No matter what type of kennel you are looking for in Carlow, and no matter what type of dog, we can recommend something to suit.

Wooden Dog Kennels Carlow

Our wooden dog kennels are made with pressure treated timber, and also feature the same high standard of felt roofing as our wooden garden sheds.

They come in a range of sizes, with all featuring a solid timber floor, and ventilation holes to allow your dog to breathe easily when inside.

Our kennels are built to last and will serve you better in the long run than cheaper alternatives that may be available in other places. These are simply the best wood kennels that you can buy.

5 Sizes of Timber Kennel

We offer a complete range of 5 different sizes. For collection at our yard only.

2′ x 2′150
2.5′ x 3′200
4′ x 3′220
4′ x 4′280
5′ x 4′300
Prices ex yard , incl VAT

Kennel Measurements

We have measured a sample of each of the 5 kennel sizes and the dimensions are shown in these tables ( inches or mm ) If you are coming to collect one from our yard please measure your car , van or trailer to ensure that it will fit. They are larger than you may think ! In particular, please note the dimensions at the roof D, C and G

A is the Kennel width , B is the Kennel Depth.

E is the doorway width , F is the doorway height

These measurements are approximate, as there may be slight differences between similar kennels

2′ x 2′ 25.52532359.51326
3x 2.5323744401520.536
4 x 3384954.54519.519.541
4 x 44948.5575718.52449
5 x 45051.56655.52124.549
Dimensions in Inches (Approx)
2′ x 2650635810880250330665
Dimensions in mm (Approx)

Insulated Steel Dog Kennels Carlow

For the ultimate long-lasting and maintenance-free home for your dog, consider an insulated steel dog kennel.

Ours use Kingspan composite insulated`sheeting and are particularly suitable for greyhounds and other sporting dogs because of how they control the environment inside.

Insulated Kennels
Insulated Steel Dog Kennels

Another advantage of our insulated steel dog kennels is that they are completely chew-proof! They are made of double steel sheets, with insulation in between, so there is nothing for even the most determined dog to chew. This is unlike wooden dog kennels, where dogs can gnaw through some of the timber over time.

Our steel dog kennels are available in a choice of colours, can be supplied with a flat or sloped roof, and can be built into the dog runs that we also supply.

We offer three different sizes in either an Apex Roof with a door or a Sloped roof without a door.

SizeApex Roof with DoorSloped Roof without Door
Small800 x 1100 x 7001100 x 800 x 700
Medium1100 x 1150 x 10001100 x 1150 x 1000
Large1100 x 1450 x 11001100 x 1450 x 1100
SizeSuitable for
SmallMultiple small dogs… Terriers etc
Medium1 -2 Med Sized dogs….Labador , German Shepard etc
LargeMultiple medium dogs or Larger Breeds.
SizeApex Roof with DoorFlat Roof without Door

Kosy Kennels

New Kosy Kennel

Our brand new range of Kennel design and our most insulated yet.

The features of these kennels knock the socks off anything in the market.

Designed to make any pet owners life much easier.

All panels heavily insulated providing 360 degree protection for your pet

Fully opening roof system to make cleaning an absolute breeze. No more crawling just to clean. Just open the lid, grab a brush and your good.

All panel made of easy clean material too.

Delivered Flat Packed

Delivered flat pack so can be brought into a home where space is extremely tight. Our team can then easily assemble these in minutes on site. You’ll be welcoming your dog to a new home in no time at all

These insulated dog kennels are in stock and ready to ship.

Current standard size 1250mm wide x 1020mm deep x 870 mm High (front)

€ 590 incl VAT

Canine Cabins

New – 2 sizes available

2 Sizes Available

  • Medium :      900 wide x 640 deep  x 720 high  (580 + leg ) 
  • Large :    1200 wide x 910 deep x 920 high  (800 + leg ) 

They have an opening / entrance in their  front wall & the whole front wall is hinged and can be opened for easy cleaning. All sides are made from plastic and are trumped. The steel frame is galvanised. There is a galvanised steel panel covering the kennel. (in addition to the plastic roof ). The kennel stands on steel legs, so is raised off the ground.

  • Medium € 450
  • Large € 550

NOTE… This kennel does not use kingspan insulation

This Kennel does not flatpack and so the following gate/door openings are needed to allow the unit to pass through

Medium- 650mm

Large- 930mm

See our webpage on the full range of Dog Runs and individual panels we have available for delivey nationwide.

Come see us for Dog Kennels in Carlow

Remember – if you’re looking for dog kennels Carlow, then The Carlow Yard  is your best bet.

We have a number of kennels on display at our premises in the Wexford Road Business Park, and we can also advise on all other options available.

We deliver these Insulated kennels nationwide € 50 – € 80

Just call in to see us anytime during opening hours, or call us at (059) 9164564.

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