Woodgrain Steel Garden Shed to Wexford -
Woodgrain Steel Shed with Tilestyle roof and overhang.

Woodgrain Steel Shed

A Woodgrain Steel Garden Shed unit can look very aesthetically pleasing. This one is finished off with a roof overhang and PVC door so it fits in very well in its surrounding garden.

Being agents for Steeltech Sheds in Carlow means we get to deal with people in surrounding counties too. We recently had happy customers who wanted a Steeltech Shed in Wexford.

The customers came to us and described what they were looking for. They wanted a unit that would be functional as a garden shed/storage unit, while still being aesthetically pleasing.

What We Delivered

Thanks to the wide range of options available when it comes to Steeltech Sheds, we were able to design exactly what they were looking for. We went through all the choices with them before designing a shed to meet their needs precisely.

They opted for a 6 metre x 4 metre woodgrain steel garden shed, with a tile-style roof. We added an overhang on the front gable end to help ‘soften’ the look of the shed.

They then chose a half glass PVC door on this gable end, which also gives the unit a more attractive look overall.

On one side, they put two 3’ x 2’ brown PVC windows to complement the woodgrain and to match  the PVC door. The windows on the side again complement the shed. They give good light and look good as you view the shed from the top of their garden.

On the opposite side there is a sliding door. This is a great option and very functional for larger items such as a ride-on lawnmower, garden furniture, etc.

Multipurpose Woodgrain Steel Garden Shed 6m x 4m, incorporating a sliding door on the side and a 1/2 Glass PVC door on the gable.

Our customers were very happy with the finished product. It works well as a functional shed and storage solution, while also making an attractive feature in the garden.

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