What is the lead time on this Garden Furniture range ? -

In normal circumstances , most deliveries were been done within 2-3 weeks from placing an order. However, in the current Covid 19 situation and due to unprecedented demand on this product range as more and more people embrace outdoor living, a serious world shortage of material has arisen.

Waiting List

Unfortunately, due to the current worldwide material supply issues, we are unable to take any new orders for this garden furniture at this time. Currently , every effort is being made to try to fulfil all outstanding orders , so that they will be delivered in 2022. Hopefully, at some point the outlook will become clearer and material supply will be restored so that we can resume taking orders for these fantastic products.

Meanwhile, we will be happy to take your details , including the product type and quantity you are interested in and we will revert to you once we recommence taking orders. Please use the “Contact Us ” form at the bottom of this page. Thanks for your understanding in this difficult time.

While this is indeed a considerable time to wait for your Garden Furniture, please keep in mind that this is something that you will have fantastic use of for decades to come.

Once you place your Order, we will revert to you within a couple of days with order confirmation and an Invoice for your purchase. However you will be required to make payment only just prior to delivery.

We thank you for your understanding in this matter.



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