Is Delivery & Installation included ? -

Our quoted prises include FREE Delivery and Installation for all our products in most circumstances. This assumes free, easy and direct access to the unit’s site. We also install some units , on a case by case basis on more restricted or limited access sites and will access these and advise of additional pricing on a case by case basis.

In Normal circumstances, our unis are delivered in a semi assembled state , consisting of wall and roof panels. These are generally brought to the site on mid sized trucks / trailer , so we require adequate parking adjacent to / near the site. From there , each panel is carried from the truck to the prepared concrete base where they are assembled into the unit. The distance from the parking location to the concrete base should be reasonable and be a safe and unobstructed path.

Pay particular attention to any overhead arches on passageways and the presence of overhead wires in evaluating the suitability of your proposed site.

We must be advised beforehand if the access path to the base is limited or restricted so that we can access the site and see what is possible, and what implication this may have on pricing. In some cases we may have to fabricate the unit’s component panels differently to ensure access.

We cannot bring a shed’s component parts through a house or over a boundary wall during an installation.

For some of our larger units , we may require access with a truck carrying an on-board crane or indeed a mobile crane. In these cases we will have to complete a full site survey to access the best possible solutions.



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