Can I tow a twin axle unbraked trailer with a 2 wheel drive Dacia Duster ? -

To answer this question fully , I will first break it down and look at the possibilities here.

Dacia Duster

Firstly, all trailers over 750 Kg , are classified as category 2 trailers and must have a braking system fitted. Unbraked trailers , under 750Kg are classified as category 1 trailers. Generally, (though not always ) these category 1 trailers are small single axle trailers.

The 750 Kg weight referred to above is the trailer’s DGVW (design gross vehicle weight )…..which is the total weight of the trailer and its load. The trailer’s VIN plate would show its DGVW of 750 Kg or less. The trailer’s load capacity will be 750 kg minus the actual weight of the empty trailer.

You can have a double axle , category 1 trailer, being up to 750 Kg unbraked…..but generally , such a trailer is of questionable design. Let me explain !

  • A regular unbraked, single axle trailer , under 750 Kg DGVW , might have an unladen weight of approx 150 – 200 Kg , so typically you can put a load of 550 – 600 Kg on such a trailer.
  • Most manufacturers offer single axle trailers up to 1500Kg DGVW, with braking.
  • Typically, adding a second axle to an unbraked 750 Kg trailer (a trailer normally only requiring a single axle ) might add up to 125Kg to the trailer’s unladen weight, so the trailer load capacity would then be reduced by approx 125Kg to the region of 425 Kg – 475Kg. The unladen trailer weight of 250 – 300 Kg becomes disproportionate to the trailers load capacity.
  • In many European countries, trailers must undergo regular roadworthiness tests, but trailers up to 750Kg are exempt. In many cases, it may be for this reason alone why some manufacturers have rated these twin axle trailers down to 750 Kg.

In the Saris trailer range, Singe axle trailers are available in 750 Kg (unbraked ) and 1000 Kg , 1350 Kg and 1500 Kg (braked). Both the 1000Kg and the 1350 KG trailers can be downgraded to 750 Kg. For example , our DV135 is a 1350 Kg single axle braked trailer 2550mm x 1330mm , which has an unladen weight of 235Kg , giving a load capacity of 1115 Kg. This can be downgraded to 750 Kg, giving a load capacity of 485 Kg.

Having such a single axle braked 1350Kg trailer downgraded to 750 Kg (own weight of 235Kg ) would be of much superior design and safer trailer to tow than a possible Double Axle unbraked 750 Kg trailer (own weight possibly 250 – 300 Kg)

Towing a fully laden Twin Axle 750 Kg, unbraked trailer may even be considered dangerous when towed by a lighter vehicle , as when travelling ,a twin axle trailer is less manoeuvrable and so may exert excessive forces onto the lighter towing vehicle and could cause it to loose control.

In the Saris trailer range , the lightest Double axle trailers are 2000Kg trailers, For example ,our DV 2000 trailer is a 2000Kg trailer 2550mm x 1330mm , which has an unladen weight of 340Kg , giving a load capacity of 1660 Kg. This can be downgraded to 1100Kg, giving a load capacity of 760 Kg

Back to the Question !!

So now after that lengthy explanation, lets revert to the original question of “Can I tow a twin axle unbraked trailer with a 2 wheel drive Dacia Duster ? ” The answer will depend on what the safe “unbraked ” towing capacity of the towing vehicle is. At time of writing this , I understand that the Duster range has an unbraked towing capacity of somewhere in the region of 615Kg – 660 Kg. So in that case the trailer would have to be plated to match that. The Duster cannot tow a 750 Kg unbraked trailer ! However, it can tow a Braked trailer in the region of 1200 Kg – 1500Kg. (Actual towing capacity will depend on Duster model used )

For now , let’s assume that your Duster, being the lighter 2 wheel drive has a towing capacity as follows:

  • Unbraked : 615Kg
  • Braked : 1200 Kg

This 2 wheel drive Duster can tow a twin axle, unbraked trailer , as long as it’s DGVW does not exceed 615 Kg

What Saris Trailers could we recommend for the Dacia Duster ?

  • Any of the Saris 750 Kg unbraked Single axle trailers, downgraded to 600 Kg DGVW
  • Any of the Saris 1000Kg braked Single Axle Trailers as 1000Kg DGVW
  • Any of the Saris 1350 Kg braked Single Axle Trailers, downgraded to 1200 Kg DGVW
  • Any of the Saris 1500 Kg braked Single Axle Trailers, downgraded to 1200 Kg DGVW
  • Any of the Saris 2000 Kg braked Twin Axle Trailers, downgraded to 1200 Kg DGVW

Replating your Trailer

NOTE: When we “downgrade” a Saris trailer’s towing capacity to match your towing vehicle’s capacity, we replace the trailer’s VIN plate and issue a new certificate of conformity for the trailer, so you will be legally towing.

What can you tow with your Vehicle ?

Check out our easy 2 step online calculator to see what you can tow with your Vehicle and licence combination. Just input the info from your vehicle’s VIN plate and learn what you can legally tow.



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