Are your Steel Sheds Insulated ? -

We offer a few different solutions on this. On a shed being used for general dry storage our non drip coated sheeting fitted on the walls and roof is ideal . It prevents accumulation of condensation. This however is not good enough for storage of paper or fabric. In this case we can fit roof clear light panels . Sliding doors and roller doors are used on these units.

In situations where a higher quality storage is required or if the shed is being used as a year round work area , then our 25mm composite panel insulation will provide an area that is easy to heat in the winter. This insulation is installed between the shed’s steel frame and the sheeting during manufacture. When complete you can see the insulation silver foil inside the shed. In this case , we do not fit roof clearlight panels and hinged PVC or Steel pedestrian doors are mainly used. With this type of insulation installed , if required, the internal may be finished off with wood T & G panel or plasterboard. This is the format used in our home office range and Garden Rooms.

40mm Composite panel offers a superior insulation solution. This composite panel insulation is also lined internally with a thin steel sheet, so when viewing from inside the shed , you see a white steel sheet surface. We can fit roof clearlight panels to these units. Pedestrian PVC or steel doors may be fitted as well as special insulated roller doors. Our standard exterior colour of these units is goosewing (with slate grey roof and trim) and there is also a woodgrain steel option available.

For more demanding situations , we can provide a Kingspan Composite panel with up to 100mm and beyond insulation thickness in any of our standard colours.



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