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Steeltech Supreme Home Offices

Do you need some dedicated office space if you work from home? Steeltech has the solution for you! We can design, deliver and erect a Steeltech Home Office, to give you the perfect place to get your work done.

All Steeltech Home Offices can be fully customised to meet your exact needs. Do you want a two-room office, built-in storage space, kitchen facilities, or anything else? No problem – just let us know, and we’ll design and deliver it for you.

Steeltech Home Offices can be delivered fully wired, ready for you to start work immediately. Enjoy your shortest commute ever, and enjoy all the other benefits of Steeltech Home Offices too!

Our Supreme Home Offices are fully customisable with a range of colours and finishes. They come insulated with 25mm Kingspan Insulation , are fully wired with sockets and Lights and the internal is finished with 10mm Tongue & Groove Timber.

Steeltech Home Offices – Standard Features

  • Kingspan 25mm insulated walls and roof.
  • Tongue & Groove timber interior finish (roof and walls).
  • Half-glass PVC pedestrian door.
  • Medium PVC window(s) – number of windows depends on building size.
  • Fully-wired interior with lights and sockets.

“Shell condition” Option

While we offer these Home Office units completely finished internally with Full Electrics and Wood T & G on the walls and roof, we can also supply the unit in “shell condition” only……..whereby you take care of fitting the electrics and a wood or plasterboard internal finish locally.

Base Insulation

On units with either 25mm Kingspan Panel Insulation or 40mm Composite Insulation, we recommend that you also incorporate 100mm insulation material in the concrete floor above the DPC. This will add only a small cost to the Concrete Base work, but will pay huge thermal dividends during the winter months. It will make the unit much easier to heat and ensure a higher comfort level.

Steeltech Home Offices – Window Options

  • Small double-glazed window (18” x 18”).
  • Medium double-glazed window (3’ x 2’).
  • Large double-glazed window (3’ x 3’).
  • Extra-large double-glazed window (4’ x 3’).
  • 3′ wide x 6′ high Casement Windows

Steeltech Home Offices – Door Options

  • Solid steel door.
  • Solid PVC door.
  • Half-glass PVC door.
  • Half-glass PVC French doors.
  • Full-glass PVC French doors.
  • 4-Part Patio set.

Steeltech Home Offices – Optional Extras

  • Tile-style roof.
  • Overhangs.
  • Gutters.
  • Window boxes.
  • Timber stud partitions.
Considerations when choosing your Steeltech Sheds Unit.

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Combination Home Office & Shed

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