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One of the many possibilities with Steeltech Sheds is to opt for a larger one to use as a garage for any car or other vehicle.

Steeltech Garages come in a wide range of shapes and designs, and a choice of five standard colours. The level of customisation possible is staggering – just tell us what you want, and we’ll arrange it! Options include choice of size, door and window positions, and space for shelving or other storage. Garages are also ready for wiring by electricians, if required.

We’ve just completed a couple of Steeltech Garage installations in Carlow. These customers are already getting great use from them.

Steeltech Garage Installation #1

This garage was a large 12m x 6m size. The client opted for a Goosewing Grey colour, with slate grey roof and trim.  They chose an 8’ roller door for the gable end, and a sliding pedestrian door to the side.

The garage went to the rear of a new-build house. The fitters erected the garage efficiently and tidily, and exactly according to schedule.

Steeltech Garage Installation #2

This was a smaller garage, of 6m x 4m. Our customer here also opted for the popular Goosewing Grey colour. They too wanted a roller door in the gable end.

Again, we provided exactly what they requested, and the fitters erected the garage in less than a day. The customer was delighted with the result.

Benefits of Steeltech Garages

These garages, and all Steeltech Garages, have several advantages over other options. They include:

  • No maintenance ever.
  • Non-drip insulation on roof and four walls.
  • Galvanised steel frame.
  • 20-year guarantee.
  • Free delivery and assembly.
  • Insulated clear roof panels.
  • Choice of double-sliding or roller door.
  • 7’ wall height.
  • Erected on site in less than a day.
  • Doors & windows positioned to suit you.
  • Motorised roller doors available.
  • Easily relocated if required.

Contact us about Steeltech Garages

Interested in Steeltech Garages ? Just contact us to learn more, or call to see us at the Wexford Road Business Park on the outskirts of Carlow. We design and install Steeltech Garages in CarlowKilkennyKildareLaoisWexford & Wicklow. We look forward to dealing with you!

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