Steeltech Classic Home Offices -

This new All in One Office Solution features 40mm steel composite insulated paneling in either Gooswing Grey or Woodgrain. It has a half Glass PVC Door and a large window. It is delivered fully wired with sockets and lights from the factory, ready to “Plug & Play ” – all done in less than one day.

This Classic Office Range have a Lean-To type roof and the electrics are neatly installed in surface mounted trunking. The Roof height is 2.3m at front dropping down to 2.2m . With the 40mm Composite panel insulation, these units can be really comfortable in the winter , especially when you include insulation within the concrete floor, requiring only a simple electric heater.

Top 10 considerations when choosing your Steeltech Shed Unit.

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Combination Home Office & Shed

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