Small Tipping Car Trailers -

With Ramp Tailboard – Ideal for easy , safe loading of a Lawnmower , quad or buggy.

Mc Alu Pro …….750 Kg

Drive on – Drive Off – Safely

If you have loaded and unloaded a lawnmower , quad or buggy onto a car trailer with ramps , (or perhaps using wood planks as makeshift ramps ) then you will aleady understand the difficulties and danger involved and how precarious that operation can be.

Using a tipping Saris Car trailer with its secure short ramp tailboard, this operation becomes a breeze. You can now drive on & off safely, with ease. The continuous slight loading angle ensures that a mower’s cutting deck will stay clear of the trailer as you drive on & off.

Choice of 3 Sizes

ModelBT 75BV75DV75
Own Weight Kg155165180
Load Capacity Kg595585570
Length mm205020502550
Width mm113013301330
Total Length mm313031303630
Total Width mm163018301830
Tyre Size in131313
  • Single Axle
  • Unbraked
  • Top Railing
  • Self Locking Closures
  • Sustainable Anti- Slip Floor
  • Detachable Tailboard
  • Rope Hooks
  • Fixation Hooks
  • 13 Pin Trailer Plug

Another key advantage of the short ramp tailboard on these trailers is that the wind drag effect is greatly reduced, so it ensures efficient , easy towing.

Saris have been building car trailers for over 60 years.

Full Range of Accessories available.

  • Spare Wheel
  • Jockey Wheel
  • High Front Rack
  • Flat Vinyl Cover
  • High Vinyl Cover
  • Prop Stands
  • Leaf Rack

Classic Wood …….750 Kg

Drive on & off with ease

ModelASF 75
Own Weight Kg180
Load Capacity Kg570
Length mm2050
Width mm1130
Total Length mm3130
Total Width mm1630
Tyre Size in13

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