Platform Trailer with Leaves Rack Fitted
Platform Trailer with Leaves Rack Fitted

This is a Saris 9′ x 5′, 2000Kg Platform trailer with its 600mm high Leaves Rack Fitted. The Leaves Rack is easily opened on all 4 sides and any of the sides can be independently removed. The leaves rack has a very strong frame and is hot dipped galvanized. Similarly, all 4 of the trailer’s 300mm high sides can be independently dropped down or removed.

With the wheels positioned underneath the trailer body, this type of trailer is narrower on the road and will sit completly behing the towing vehicle.

This style of trailer allows direct access onto the trailer floor for easy loading and unloading of pallets with a forklift. With independent suspension on each wheel. a very smooth ride is guaranteed. These trailers are finished to a high standard and are supplied with a 3 year guarantee.

This platform style trailer is available in a host of sizes and is also available as a hydraulic tipping trailer. We always carry a range of these trailers in stock.


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