Small domestic light car trailer for sale - camping trailer
Saris King 750 Kg
Saris King Range 750 Kg
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  • Tipping Tow Bar
  • Large Capacity
  • Easy to Stow
  • Sustainable anti-slip floor
  • Fixation Hooks
  • 300mm High Sides
  • Detachable Tailboard
  • Loading Floor Height : 500mm
  • Tyre Size : 13″
  • Single Axle
  • Independent Suspension
  • T shaped Towbar
  • Galvanised Steel Chassis
  • 13 Pin Trailer Plug
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Standard Trailer (no options or Accessories fitted)
€ , incl VAT
Total Weight KgLength mmWidth mmCapacity KgOwn WeightOverall LengthOverall Width
King 75€ 949 7502060114063012030301560
King 75 XL€ 9957502260126062013032301680

Learn more about your 3 year Saris Trailer Guarantee.


  • Flat Vinyl Cover
  • High Vinyl Cover (1000mm ,Blue or Light Grey )
  • High Vinyl Cover (1200mm , Light Grey )
  • Jockey Wheel
  • Spare Wheel

Options & Accessories

  • Options : This is a range of fixed options you can select on your trailer specification to be fitted at the factory at the time of manufacture only. This allows you to customise your trailer to suit your requirements.
  • Accessories : This is a range of optional items that can be fitted to your trailer , at time of purchase or any time afterwards.

Options & Accessories – Prices

 Weight KgKing 75, € incl VATKing 75 XL, € incl VAT
Standard Trailer
(No options or accessories fitted)
All Prices € include VAT949995
Flat Vinyl Cover (blue)6104104
High Vinyl Cover (100cm Blue)16277
High Vinyl Cover (100cm light grey)16277
HIgh Vinyl Cover (120cm, light grey)17305
High Vinyl Cover XL (120cm Blue)19312
High Vinyl Cover XL (120cm light grey)19312
Jockey Wheel with Support with coupling lock76262
Jockey Wheel with support64242
Security Lock0.53939
Trailer Net Large Mesh24242
Lashing Straps (2 piece , LC- 1200daN) with hooks2.54242
Prop Stands , set76969
Spare Wheel 145/80/R13 , with Support14111111
Spare Wheel 145/80/R13119090
Spare Wheel Clamp32121
Wheelbarrow reinforcement plate62828
King Tipper
King Opening Tipper
King Opening Tailboard
King Net Cover Tie down
King Loading with barrow
king high vinyl cover
king high vinyl cover open
King covered items
King Attaching Net Cover
Flat Vinyl cover
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Weight Downgrading Possible

If you require it , we can downgrade the weight on this trailer , by replacing the VIN plate with a lesser weight specification and issue you with a new matching certificate of conformity. This trailer can be re-plated from 750 Kg down as far as 500Kg (any 50KG increment required)

Ideal Multi Purpose light duty Family Trailer
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