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Recycled Plastic Picnic Table with galvanized Steel Frame

Picnic Table

Our all new Picnic Table is perfect for homes, schools, restaurants, outdoor office furniture and public places. Made with sturdy recycled plastic planks and a fully galvanised steel frame it will last a lifetime. You can choose black or brown plastic. These maintenance free picnic tables come with a 20 Year GUARANTEE. This outdoor furniture is built to last.

If you position one of these picnic benches on your patio , you will find that as well as getting great use from your patio furniture in the Summer months, you will also use it on those fine days throughout the rest of the year. It will allow you take full advantage of all those great outdoor living opportunities that you would otherwise miss out on.

Outstanding Features

  • Walk in design – So you don’t have to step in over the seat.
  • Sturdy – Over 100Kg weight so it will not blow away in strong winds.
  • Lifelong Materials – No maintenance required.
  • Galvanized Steel Frame – No Painting required.
  • The Table and seats are fully supported with a steel frame – This ensures that the plastic planks will not sag over time. (Particularly important for very hot summer days)
  • It is Easy to care for – You may simply wash it down each year.
  • You can leave it out all year round – So you do not have to store it away each winter.
  • It dries off quickly after rain – So you will not get damp sitting on it.
  • Supplied with a 40mm hole in the Tabletop centre – So you can fit a Sun shade Umbrella
  • Lifetime Garden Furniture investment.

Garden Furniture

When you decide to add garden furniture so you can enjoy some more time outdoors at your home, this piece of outdoor furniture is well worth considering. Unlike a conventional wood picnic bench, this piece of garden furniture will require no maintenance and will last a lifetime. This picnic table is a great investment which will be enjoyed for many years by all the family.


With dimensions of 150cm long and 140cm wide, this picnic table will easily sit four – six adults in comfort, providing the perfect environment for students, staff and families to enjoy their break outside. Because of its “Walk-in” design, there are no obstructing table legs in the way so it will easily seat the maximum number of family members of all ages.

  • Length : 1500mm
  • Width: 1400mm
  • Height: 750mm
  • Seat Height: 450mm
  • Available Plastic Colours: Black / Brown
  • “Walk-in” design.
  • 40mm Boxed Steel , fully hot dipped galvanized

Recycled Plastic

The Recycled Plastic Profiles used in this picnic bench is 125mm wide x 50mm deep. They are strong, durable and weatherproof. The boards have a smooth and splinter free finish. They have strong impact resistance and are Maintenance Free. Available in black and brown, they are made from recycled plastic bottles. They are maintenance free and come with a 20 Year Guarantee.

Hot Dip Galvanizing

Hot dip Galvanizing is widely regarded as one of the most effective methods of corrosion protection for steel and the most popular protective process for all external steelwork Hot Dip Galvanizing is unique , tough, long lasting and covers both internal and external surfaces which offers greatly extended lifetime expectancy.

During the Galvanizing process, once the steel has been cleaned and prepared, the steel is immersed slowly into the tank of hot, molten zinc which has been heated to a temperature of around 450°C. The steel stays in the tank for between 5 and 15 minutes, during which time the zinc-iron alloy layers are being formed. As the steel is then slowly lifted out of the tank, a layer of pure zinc is being formed on the top of the steel.

Ease of Transport

This Picnic Table is available for collection at our Carlow premises, either fully assembled or flat-packed. (large van or trailer required) or We can deliver it Nationwide, flat-packed on a pallet, ready for you to assemble easily. We can dispatch, nationwide on a pallet for kerbside delivery from € 60 per table.

Picnic Tables Flat packed on a pallet

Easy to Assemble

Our Picnic table is shipped flat-packed in 5 pieces , ready to assemble quickly. This allows you to easily move the component parts to your desired location and then assemble the Picnic Table. The tabletop and seat sections are secured to the 2 leg frames, with only 6 bolts in total. Because the main parts are quite heavy (table top section is 50 Kg ) you will need someone to help you to assemble it.

Please note that the Steel table legs , seats and top are marked A,B,C    /   X ,Y , Z , so that it will go together easily when these are matched.The easiest way to assemble the table is to first place the table top , face down on the ground.  Then insert the 2 legs and insert those 2 bolts . Then flip the table upright and lift on both seats, always matching the letters on the legs and frame. Finally insert the 4 bolts on the seat frames , tighten and pop on the black covers.


Picnic tables ready for collection

Ideal for Hotels,Schools, Home etc

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