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One of the great things about the dog runs we supply is that they are so versatile. We can supply them to any size and to meet all needs. Whether you just need a place for the family pet to exercise, or whether you’re something like a boarding kennels operator or greyhound trainer who needs to accommodate a larger number of dogs, we can provide the solution for you.

An example is the new large dog run we’ve just installed for another happy customer.

It measures 4.5m x 3m in total, and is made up of three individual runs, to house three dogs. Each unit has its own 1.5m x 1m kennel, with a 3m x 1m run to the front. Each run also has drinking bowls attached.

It also has many features that are common to all our dog runs:

  • Made from high quality galvanized steel.
  • Maintenance free – guaranteed not to rust.
  • Installation possible around any flooring option – e.g. grass, gravel, concrete slabs, patio blocks, etc.
  • Robust and long-lasting – our dog runs are built to be far more durable and last much longer than the type of pre-packaged run you will find in retail hardware and pet stores.

We also have several other types of dog runs on display at our own premises, to show even more of what’s possible. If you want the best home possible for any number of dogs, call to see for yourself!

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