Lifetime Picnic Benches back in stock. -
Buy once – Buy the best

These picnic benches are made from recycled plastic plank on a fully hot dipped galvanised steel frame, so will last a lifetime.

  • Recycled Plastic Plank – lasts a lifetime
  • Recycled Plastic Plank – dries off quickly after rain
  • Recycled Plastic Plank – does not hold moisture – no more sitting on damp wood benches.
  • UV stable – will not degrade over time – lasts a lifetime !
  • Will not chip or rot – lasts a lifetime !
  • Galvanised steel frame – will not rust.
  • No Maintenance required
  • Flat Packed for easy transport & easy access to restricted areas
  • Flat Packed – quick & easy to assemble – just 6 bolts
  • “Walk – in” seat design – no clambering over seat
  • “Walk-in” seat suits all ages – young & old
  • “Walk-in” seat design will seat more people
  • Sturdy construction – will not blow in strong winds
  • Leave out all year round – no winter storage required
  • Leave out all year round – sit out during fine winter days
  • The best investment you can make for your outdoors

Now available in choice of Brown or Black plank.

€ 750 (incl VAT ) + delivery (or collect at our yard)

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