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Dog Runs Offaly

Dog runs are the secure, convenient, and flexible way to safeguard your pet, while still allowing him/her to exercise. Here at The Carlow Yard, we are one of the leading suppliers of high quality dog runs in Ireland.

We have a wide range of dog runs on display at our premises in the Wexford Road Business Park, on the outskirts of Carlow. We also offer a nationwide service, with advice available by phone or e-mail, and delivery to any part of Ireland normally , typically within seven days.

Features of our dog runs

We source our dog runs from one of Ireland’s leading manufacturers. Their key features include:

  • Made from high quality galvanized steel.
  • Maintenance free – guaranteed not to rust.
  • Modular – so they can be built to any shape or size. Also easy to expand if you get another dog, or a bigger dog.
  • Can have a kennel fitted inside, or can be attached to an existing kennel.
  • Can be roofed – protect your dog from sun in summer, and from rain all year round! A roof will also stop an energetic dog from jumping out.
  • Installation possible around any flooring option – e.g. grass, gravel, concrete slabs, patio blocks, etc.
  • Robust and long-lasting – our dog runs are built to be far more durable and last much longer than the type of pre-packaged dog run you will find in retail hardware and pet stores.

Why buy a dog run?

The main reason to buy a dog run is to allow your pet to play and exercise safely, without the need for constant supervision.

Perhaps your house is empty all day while adults are at work and children are in school. Providing a dog run means you know your pet will be safe and happy outdoors. It will also lessen concerns about your dog being hurt by passing cars, wandering off, or tearing up gardens or property – either yours or your neighbour’s!

Why buy a dog run from us?

There are three main reasons to buy a dog run from us here at The Carlow Yard. They are:

  • Experience – We have been supplying dog runs to happy customers all over Ireland for years.
  • Expertise – We will advise on the perfect size of dog run for your pet, no matter how big or small. You can even see a wide range of dog runs options at our extensive display space at the Wexford Road Business Park in Carlow.
  • Price – We have the keenest prices around for such high quality dog runs. Call us at (059) 9164564 or use our contact form to get a quote.

Types of dog run

We offer four main types of dog run. Remember that all are 100% modular, so you can order them at any shape or size required. You can also add to or take away from them as your needs change.

  • 5cm bar dog runs
    • 5cm (2”) spacing between vertical bars.
    • Panels 1.84m (6’) tall.
    • Suitable for all breeds of dog.
    • Fully galvanized to prevent rust.
    • Doors have padlock facility.
    • Doors open inwards – so dog can’t force door outwards as owner opens it.
    • 5cm (2”) clearance space at bottom, for ease of cleaning.
    • Can be roofed.
    • Can have kennel fitted inside, or can be attached to an existing kennel.
  • 8cm bar dog runs
  • Mesh dog runs
  • Puppy/Small dog runs

Dog Runs Offaly – Price Guide

The modular nature of our dog runs means they are all individually designed to meet a customer’s individual needs. It is therefore difficult to give an exact price list for all possible combinations.

However, prices for some popular choices include:


If you opt for another size, we will advise on price once we agree all specifications. We guarantee our price will be highly competitive.

Insulated Kennels

Insulated Steel Kennels

We also offer 3 sizes of Kingspan Composite panel fully insulated steel kennels, either with an Apex roof with a door or a sloped roof without a door.

The Sloped Roof Kennel Range is ideal for positioning outside your dog run (with Void Panel), so the dog is free to go between the run and the kennel.

Our Kennels

Thermal Deluxe Unit

These Timber Infill Kennels consist of a fully covered unit with a 1m wide full height walk in sleeping area and an adjacent covered run. Many formats are available. The kennel area is of pressure treated timber in galvanised channel to prevent chewing. The sleeping area has a drop in anti slip resin floor . Block Formation options possible.

Popular sizes are

2.5m wide x 1.5m deep @ € 1350

3m wide x 1.5m deep @ € 1450

4m wide x 1.5m deep @ € 1550

Contact us for more about Dog Runs Offaly

For more about dog runs for anywhere in Ireland or advice on what would best suit your pet, just get in touch. Call us at (059) 9164564 or use our contact form anytime.

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