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Let us Build it to suit YOU.

Most of the units we build are custom made to suit the customer’s needs. Here we will review the TOP 10 considerations when choosing your Steeltech Shed Unit.

1. What will You use it for ?

Is it for general storage , a work area, a play or recreation area ? We can create something for you , whatever your application. We can also create a single unit, divided into multiple use applications. (eg Partial Shed / Partial Office etc )

2. What size does it need to be ?

Will that size suit the space you have available ? From our smallest mini Shed of 2.15m x 1.1m, to our Classic Steel sheds in either 2m or 3m wide to our Supreme Garden Sheds in 2m and 3m widths , in any meter length we will have a shed to suit you. For larger sizes, we have our range of 4m, 5m and 6m Garages and Larger Heavy Duty Workshops.

3. What Height do you need ?

Our Mini Sheds have a Lean-To type roof from 1.9m at the front down to 1.8m at the back. Our Classic Shed range have an eave wall height of 1.8m. Our Supreme Garden Shed range have an eave wall height of 2.1m. Our Garages are available in Eave wall heights of 2.1m , 2.4m , 2.7m and 3m. Our Larger Workshops are available with an Eave Wall height of 3m or 4m.

4. Type of Construction

All our units have a galvanized steel framework and so is rust proof and requires no maintenance. Steeltech Sheds are CE Approved and conform to European Building Standards. We deliver and build the unit on your prepared concrete base and offer a 20 Year Guarantee.

It;s most important to consider what type of unit you actually require and how you will use it. We can then custom make your unit to suit

5. Cladding

The Steel Cladding is PVC coated and is available in a choice of colours. It is fitted in vertical orientation as standard , but can also be fitted in horizontally. A woodgrain Steel Finish and a tilestlye roof are also available.

Available in a selection of colours

6. Internal

For General purpose storage applications, our Non – Drip coated sheeting will guarantee no accumulation of condensation. Normally, some clear light roof panels are fitted in these units. For work spaces or for more delicate storage (eg Paper or fabric ) , 25mm thick Kingspan Panel insulation sandwiched between the steel frame and the sheeting will give good thermal insulation. This interior finish ( Silver foil ) may be left as it is for storage applications or finished off with plywood , decorative wood or plasterboard for office and other work or recreation spaces. No Clearlight panels are fitted to these Kingspan panel insulated unts. For better thermal insulation, 40mm thick composite insulated panel may be chosen. This composite panel gives a clean white steel sheet finish to the unit’s interior. It is possible to fit double skinned clearlight roof panels in these units.

Non Drip Insulation
  • This barrier regulates Air Humidity , preventing water condensation forming on the metal sheeting and the potential damage it could cause.
  • The Barrier has both a high absorption capacity for condensation and fast de-absorption capability
  • The Anti condensation barrier provides good thermal insulation and sound absorption.
  • Sheds with the Non Drip coated barrier are sufficiently ventilated at the roof section to allow it to function as designed.
  • The barrier layer also has a high flame resistance (A2-s1 , d) EN 13501 – 1 )

7. Doors

Depending on the unit size and the purpose, a number of door options are available. Most of our garden sheds are fitted with a sliding pedestrian door as standard. This may be 0.9m or 1.3m wide. The advantages of a sliding pedestrian door is wide access and that it can be left partially open while not getting caught by a breeze. These doors are lockable with a padlock.

Sliding Doors are used only on Non Drip Coated Sheds. For sheds that are fitted with the 25mm Kingspan Panel Insulation, either a steel hinged door or a PVC hinged door are used.

Steel Hinged Door

Pedestrian Steel Hinged doors are also available. They Open inwards and have a secure 3 point key locking system. This door is also optionally available opening outwards, but in most cases we recommend the Standard Inward opening Version

Pedestrian PVC Doors are also available. These PVC doors are also available in either 1/2 Glass or full glass formats. Installing a PVC door with Glass may be a good alternative to fitting a window in the unit or for extra daylight.

Doors specific to Classic Shed Range

When Wider pedestrian access is required, PVC French Doors or Sliding Patio type doors may be chosen.

6m x 4m Beauty Room

For access to garages and workshops , a range of roller doors are available. The standard width roller door fitted is 2.1m and wider doors are also available. For comfort when using a garage for a car, we recommend a roller door width of 2.4m These doors are easy to open and close and wider larger doors may be motorized and open and closed remotely. For thermally insulated Garages, it is recommended that the roller door should also be an insulated one.

When a roller door is fitted to the end wall of the garage, its full opening height is achieved….as when the open door is coiled up it stores in the apex space. However, when the roller door is fitted to the side wall, the coiled up open door stores at the top of the wall eave, so the access height will be reduced by about 18″ / 450 mm. For ease of driving a car in / out we recommend the 8′ wide (2.4m ) roller door. If required, Roller Doors can be motorized.

8. Natural Light

All non drip units and composite panel units have some clearlight panels fitted to the roof. These panels are not available on Kingspan Panel Insulated Units. A range of double Glazed windows from 18″ x 18″ to 4′ x 3′ and above are available, as well as full height casement windows.

9. Finishing Off

Gutters and Downpipes may be fitted to one or both sides . A range of Overhangs are also available.


We can install either a double or treble row of solid steel shelving , which is suspended from the top of the shed’s wall. These are very sturdy and are 8″ depth. They are ideal for storage and getting things up off the floor , allowing full access to valuable floor space underneath.

10. Preparations before Installation.

We provide a detailed drawing for the required concrete base for your chosen unit. Electrical and plumbing services may need to be considered when installing the concrete base. The Steeltech Unit will be securely bolted to the concrete base. See more details on the Concrete Base here.

We Deliver and Install

Please also consider the available access to your proposed shed location. Your shed unit will arrive on one of these mid size trucks and our installers will then carry each major section from the truck to the prepared concrete base. Please ensure that we will have clear access for this and also that there are no height restrictions.

When you purchase a Steeltech Shed, we will complete an order form with you and take a 25% deposit. Once you have your concrete base installed, you will need to notify us and you shed will then be included in our installation planning. This date will then become the start date of our delivery time. About 3-4 weeks prior to the installation, you will make a 50% Production Payment. On the date of the installation , once you are satisfied with the unit received , you will pay the 25% remaining balance.

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