Custom Fitted Veranda -
Veranda sidewall of Solid Aluminum Panel with partial sliding glass panel set.

From Sketch to Finished Veranda

Here, the client required a veranda to fit onto the house wall , under the facia at a height of 2550mm , while the “front” gutter , to be positioned alongside a boundry wall was to have a “walk-in” height of 1800mm . One sidewall has a width of 3700mm , while the opposite side has a width of only 2650mm

Custom Made – Cut to Fit

Custom Made

As there is a difference in width of 1050mm between opposite sides of the veranda, each of the roof rafters and polycarbonate sheets were cut to fit.

The wider endwall was constructed of a solid aluminum panel wall , incorporating a 2500 wide x 2000mm high sliding glass panel set.

Note also that the front gutter downpipe exits the corner post at a height suitable so that a water butt can be used to harvest rain water.

Much appreciated message received from this satisfied Customer:

” Thanks you very much. 
The installation was done without problems, the installers were very friendly and professional.We are very pleased with the final product. “
……………………..U.K. , Wexford


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