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Concrete Base

When you purchase your Steeltech Shed, we will discuss the concrete base you will require for your shed and what needs to be done before your shed will be delivered. We will supply you with a drawing showing your shed’s base dimensions.

While not complicated, it is vital that correct procedures are followed when installing the concrete base so as to ensure that a dry floor is achieved in your shed.

It is vital that a DPC (Damp Proof Course ) is installed correctly. This can only be achieved by installing the concrete base in 2 steps. …The initial base before we erect the shed and the final concrete internally , after we erect the shed. The concrete base must be done in this way to validate Steeltech Sheds guarantee.

Concrete Slab

For smaller shed units , in many cases ,the easiest way to proceed is to install a flat concrete slab of 100mm thickness slightly larger that the shed’s external dimensions. We will then erect the shed and secure it to the concrete base. Afterwards, you can lay down the DPC within the shed and pour the internal concrete floor of 50m depth. This method will not be suitable for larger units or where heavy loads will be placed on the concrete floor (eg chopping wood etc ) as the upper 50mm concrete may be prone to cracking under stress.

Concrete Strip Foundation

In the method outlined below , a strip foundation only is laid in the first concrete pour. We then erect the shed and secure it to this “Picture Frame ” strip base. Afterwards, you can lay down the DPC within the shed and pour the full internal concrete floor of 150m depth .

This shows the shed now secured to the concrete strip foundation. Next the DPC layer will be placed on the gravel within the shed and a full depth of 150mm concrete will be poured to bring the internal finished floor up level with the sill of the door.

If you are uncertain about concrete work, always use a qualified tradesman.

When installing a concrete base, use a minimum of 30 Newton concrete.

Concrete drying time in dry weather is approx. 3 – 4 days to harden and up to 30 days to fully dry out. This may take considerably longer during Winter months.

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