Classic Sheds are Back -

With the extreme suplpy issues experienced over the past couple of years, the range of Steeltech Classic sheds has been unavailable. With the situation and the outlook continuing to improve we are delighted to be able to offer this range of garden sheds again. They are available in a range of small sizes and while they have a similar high spec of galvanised steel frame and non drip coated sheeting, they are not customisable and differ from our standard Supreme range , as follows.

  • They are available at a lower price
  • The eave wall height is 1.8m (v 2.1m)
  • They have a 3′ wide hinged steel door (hinge on RHS )
  • They do not have any roof clearlight panel
  • The classic range is available only in Goosewing with slate grey roof & trim.
Side by side comparison
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