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You can choose from over 80 models of car trailers and select what options you want on a trailer purpose built for you. Typical delivery time for a customised trailer is 12-16 weeks…or you can choose a trailer from our stock…Available now. Check out what trailer models we have available in stock now.

SARIS have been constantly striving for better products since its foundation in 1959. Professional trailers that do the work for you and that drive your success. Assembled from quality materials and manufactured for craftsmen, by passionate craftsmen at a state of the art production facility in The Netherlands. SARIS are only satisfied if you are!


Whichever SARIS model you choose, the highest quality will be guaranteed. A SARIS trailer is literally unstoppable and will always work for you – Saris have years of proof !

Every single SARIS trailer is a robust, sophisticated piece of work. Saris combine the best materials with the trailer knowledge amassed over many years and the experience of professionals, users and dealers. Saris are therefore constantly innovating, working towards even better trailers.

Learn more about your 3 year Saris Trailer Guarantee.

Saris King 750 Kg

King Range

  • 750 Kg
  • Choice of 2 Models
  • Tipping Tow Bar
  • Detachable Tailboard
  • Easy to Tow

Classic Wood

  • 750 – 1350 Kg
  • Choice of 6 Models
  • UV Resistant 15mm Wooden Body
  • Hot Galvanised Components
  • Railing
Classic Wood

Mc Alu Pro

  • 750 Kg / 1000Kg / 1350Kg / 1500Kg / 2000Kg/ 2700 Kg
  • Choice of 12 Models
  • Aluminium Sides
  • Detachable Tailboards
  • Railing
  • Fixation Hooks
Mc Alu Pro

Platform Trailers

  • 1350Kg / 1500Kg / 2000Kg / 2700Kg / 3500 Kg
  • Choice of 26 Platform Trailer Models
  • Lowered Loading Floor
  • Fully Welded Frame
  • Mega Stiff Torsion Free Chassis
  • Available in Black Edition

Tipper Trailer

  • 1350Kg / 1500Kg / 2000Kg / 2700Kg / 3500Kg
  • Choice of 20 Tipper Trailer models available
  • Backwards and 3 Way Tippers
  • Fully Welded Frame
  • High Strength Aluminium Sides
  • Steel Plate on Wooden Floors
  • Black Editions available

Machine Transporters

  • 2700Kg / 3000Kg / 3500Kg
  • Choice of 5 Models Available
  • Low Loading Surface
  • 300mm Steel Sides
  • Ramps
  • Folding Jockey Wheel
Machine Transporter

Car Transporter

  • 2700 Kg
  • Low Loading Floor
  • Concealed Aluminium Ramps
  • Folding Nose Wheel
Car Transporter

Easy online 2 step Trailer Weight Calculator

Check out our FREE online Trailer weight calculator. You can quickly and easily determine the max trailer DGVW (Design Gross Vehicle Weight) that you can tow legally with your car and your licence.

Rules for Towing a Trailer

Safe Towing
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