Car Trailers Tilting -
Drive on & Off easily, with safety

With one of these tilting trailers, you can easily drive on and off without any hassle. These trailers are ideal for Golf buggies, carts and ride-on lawn mowers. With the trailer body tilting and the super strong steel tailboard , you are driving on and off at a single continuous gentle angle. Unlike using ramps on a conventional trailer, there is no fear of a ramp moving or slipping and with the gentle continuous slope there is no fear of a lawnmower deck “bottoming out” as you enter or exit the trailer.

Classic Wood Tilting Trailer

These are single axle, unbraked 750Kg trailers, 13″ Wheel , with a galvanised steel frame, Steel top rail and a high quality sustainable anti-slip resin floor, have full lighting and a VIN Plate attached. They come with a certificate of conformity and a 3 year guarantee.

These tilting trailers are available in either the Classic wood or Mc Alu Pro ranges. The Classis wood range has a very good quality UV Resistant 15mm Wooden body, while the Mc Alu Pro has an Aluminum body.

All these trailers have internal retractable lashing points, so you can easily secure your load with straps. Optional extras include, a Jockey wheel , spare wheel, rear prop stands, high front rack, Leaves rack mesh sides, high vinyl sides etc

ModelSize MSize FtOwn WeightAluminumClassic Wood
ASF 752050 x 11306’8″ x 3’8″180€ 1750
BT752050 x 11306’8″ x 3’8″155€ 1630
BV752050 x 13306’8″ x 4’4″165€ 1695
AMG752550 x 13308’4″ x 4’4″210€ 1850
DV752550 x 13308’4″ x 4’4″180€1795
Prices Include VAT

As these trailers have a fully independent suspension on each wheel they give a very smooth ride and are super easy to tow.

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