Installing Verandas -

Here is the first of 3 Apex Verandas that we are putting on display at our yard in Carlow. This is a Bosco 6m x 3m fixed onto the new 5×3 Steeltech Garden room which was installed only last weekend. Over the next couple of weeks we will complete 2 more . We will be erecting a freestanding 4m x 4m Apex Ribollo , complete with two sides fixed and two sides of Sliding Glass panel walls. We will also be installing a small 4m x 1.5m Veranda onto the front of our site office. So we will be able to show a selection of the range of Apex Verandas on offer to give you a better idea of what might suit your situation. When complete we will also be showcasing a display of composite decking and fencing here. We’ll keep you updated as we progress.

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