New Steeltech Garden Shed installed in Carlow -
Steeltech Garden Shed installed in Carlow. It is 4xm  x 3m size and is ideal for good dry home storage.

Here’s another example of a Steeltech Garden Shed installed recently . Being agents for Steeltech Garden Sheds in Carlow sees us erect sheds of all sizes, to suit all needs. Here’s another example of one we provided recently for a happy customer.

The customer wanted a Steeltech Garden Shed installed for general garden storage. ‘Not too big, but with plenty of room!’ was the request. They also wanted the shed to blend in with its surroundings.

What we delivered

We told them their options regarding size, and they decided to go for a 4m x 3m shed. This was the perfect combination for them of providing sufficient storage space in their garden, without actually taking up too much space in the garden itself.

For it to blend in, we advised them of the woodgrain finish we can provide. They were delighted with that too. It makes the shed look more natural in the garden than bright shiny steel would.

This Steeltech shed is finished in Woodgrain Steel and brown trim and has a 1.3m wide opening Sliding door for easy access.

The positioning of the door was the next thing to be decided. Because of where the shed was going in the garden, we were able to put it on the 4m side, instead of on a gable end where a door usually goes. The pictures above show the shed with the door both open and closed.

We also added brown gutters and downpipes to the shed. This will make it easy to collect run-off rainwater in a water butt should the customer ever decide to do so in future.

Finally, to maximize space in the shed, we added two rows of shelving. This provides lots of space fr smaller items, while also leaving lots of room in the shed for larger ones.

It all goes to show again how we can design and deliver a Steeltech Shed to suit all needs.

We can deliver for you too!

If you too would like an attractive Steeltech Shed in Carlow, Kilkenny, Wexford, Wicklow, or surrounding counties, then just talk to us to see what we can do for you.

Just call us at (059) 9164564, or drop in to see us at the Wexford Road Business Park on the outskirts of Carlow. Look for the big Carlow Nissan & Fine Framers premises at the new roundabout!….We’re next door !

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