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Let us Build it to suit YOU.

Most of the units we build are custom made to suit the customer’s needs. Here we will review the TOP 10 considerations when choosing your Timber Garden Shed Unit.

1. What size does it need to be ?

We offer a range of standard sizes, in widths of 4′ , 6′ 8′ and 10’……in whatever length you require. We also offer a number of styles , including “Swiss Chalet” , Veranda and Children’s playhouses.

2. Construction

All our sheds are constructed with pressure treated timber and have a 22mm solid wood floor. The Frame is constructed from sturdy 50mm x 35mm wood, and the roof is supported with 100mm x 35mm framework. An additional Roof A Frame is fitted in the center of lengths 10′ and longer.

Inside Shed
Inside shed

3. Wall Type

We offer all our shed sizes , with wall eave height of 5′ 9″ , in either of 3 finishes , on 50mm x 35mm wood framework.


This is the most basic type , comprising of a light 10mm , un-planed board, overlapping in a louvred type arrangement. Over time these are prone to twisting and warping.

Shiplap Walls


This is a very substantial 18mm Board, interlocked with adjacent boards in a Tongue and Groove arrangement. This is our Best Seller

Barrell Board

Barrell Board

This is similar to Shiplap , but the front of each board has been machined “round” creating a Barrell Board effect.

4. Roof

There are 3 Types of roof available on all sheds.

  • OSB Board With Mineral Felt : Mineral felt is just tacked onto the roof board. This is the cheapest Option.
  • OSB Board with Torched on Felt : This Bitumen Felt is applied to the roof board with a Propane torch. We give a 3 Year Guarantee with this roof type.
  • Steel Cladding: This is a PVC coated Steel roof , with non drip coating internally. This greatly prolongs the life of any shed. The steel roof extends 100mm out over the shed’s sidewall at the eave, thus protecting the shed’s sidewall. This is now our Best Seller , by Far.

5. Maintenance

All our sheds are constructed from Fully Pressure Treated Timber. However, it is necessary to apply a coat of oil based preservative annually to maintain the wood water repellent. It is also strongly advised not to have shrubs or vegetation in contact with the shed so as to ensure an air flow around the shed and so allow it to dry off after rain.

6. Windows

All our sheds are supplied as standard with a non opening , acrylic glazed window. We can instead fit an opening window or additional windows , as required.

7. Door

We fit a single door at the centre of the gable end, as standard. You may choose on which side the door is hinged. We can also offer a double door for wider access or a half door if required. If required , we can also fit the door on the long side , but access height will be reduced.

8. Internal

Our sheds are fitted with a breathable felt membrane internally. This is superior to the plastic sheeting fitted by some shed manufacturers.

Inside Shed
Inside shed

9. Shelving

We can fit some 9″ wide shelving on the walls to create valuable storage space.

10. Preparations before Installation.

Ideally the shed would be paced on a concrete base or on a hardcore filling area. If this is not possible, we can position it on concrete blocks (we can supply the blocks , if required.

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