Saris Car Trailers - Carlow - 3 Year Guarantee

Your 3 Year Saris Trailer Guarantee

When you purchase a Saris Car Trailer, you will receive your Saris Guarantee and Maintenance Manual , as well as your Trailer’s CVO. You should keep these in a safe place.

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Your trailer has a unique VIN


This CVO (Completed Vehicles EC Certificate of Conformity ) shows the trailer’s unique VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) , its manufacture date, its specification and its Approval. It is a legal requirement that you receive this document when you purchase a car trailer.

You will receive a CVO for your trailer

VIN (Vehicle Identification Number)

Your trailer will have a nameplate attached to your trailer chassis on which the trailer’s unique VIN will be stamped

Trailer Nameplate secured to chassis

For additional security, the trailer’s VIN is also permanently stamped directly onto the trailer’s chassis.

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